Gear Review: Think Tank Digital Holster 20 V2.0

Think Tank Digital Holster 20 V2.0:

The Digital Holster is a solid camera case, made from a DWR, high-denier nylon, (420D external), with an inner, 210D nylon lining, both fabrics being PU-coated. I carry mine mounted on my chest on a Think Tank chest harness, this means I don’t have to mess around with my pack when on the move, thus maximising my time with my camera at hand. The harness fastens onto the holster using some large, heavy-duty metal clips, it also has a mesh back that minimises sweating, though you still sweat when working hard, especially with a pack on your back. One caveat being that as I’m skinny, (a repeating theme in many of these comments), the weight of the holster when carrying gear, causes it to slide downwards slightly, so that it sits more towards my stomach area than my chest, which happens even when tightened fully. This can probably be rectified by some slight modification to take up some slack on the the harness material.

Cokin 'P' filters easily fit in front, stretch pocket.
Cokin ‘P’ filters easily fit in front, stretch pocket.

Via a zipper that spirals around the outside of the fabric taking up/letting out loose material, the bottom of the case is extendable/retractable allowing the use of longer lenses, or affording extra room for storing another lens, or an external flash and accessories, (I can fit a small 70-300mm lens, an external flash, and some cleaning equipment in there as well as my camera with 18-55mm lens attached!). It also comes with a seam-sealed waterproof cover that attaches with a hook & loop fastener and stashes in a side pocket. And speaking of extra pockets, there is a stretch pocket on the front, (big enough to take three Cokin ‘P’ filters in their respective cases), a small hook & loop closure pocket by the external carry handle that will take a couple of SD cards, and another, slightly larger one under the lid.

Zipper on extending base.
Zipper on extending base.

The choice to carry a big camera comes with several trade-off’s, i.e. the desire to keep it safe, accessibility and in this case, dreaded venting restrictions. The case itself is bombproof, it’s a very safe place for your expensive camera, and other than being stuck on your face, it’s as accessible as a camera can get! My problem is that the harness fastens over your neck, and under your arms at two points on each side. Whilst being stable and a very robust system, this means that you are ‘strapped in’ to whatever you’re wearing in a way that sometimes hinders venting via the usual options in certain clothing types, namely waterproofs. In the winter this isn’t so bad, especially if I’m wearing my Buffalo which vents completely at the sides, (see ‘winter kit’ near the bottom of the page at the link), but when it’s hot, you’re working hard and you have a pack on your back, then you can end up sweating profusely!

See harness fitting around from back to specific points indicated by the large, metal hook-type fasteners.
See harness passing under shoulder straps, and over hip belt of rucksack, affixing to to specific points indicated by the large, metal hook-type fasteners.

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